The director of library: Bronislava LauciuvienėBronislava Lauciuviene
Turgus street.8, 91247 Klaipėda
tel. (8 - 46) 314720,
fax. (8 - 46) 314725

Founded in 1920, Klaipeda City Municipality Immanuel Kant Public Library is a budgetary institution. Currently, the library consists of 6 departments, 11 branches, exchange and reserve funds. The total area of all libraries is 3875 square meters.

Our mission is to create modern libraries close to all Klaipeda citizens and providing all kinds of user with equal opportunities to conveniently use all types of universal informational resources for cultural, recreational, self-educational and lifelong learning needs. It is open to all Lithuanian and foreign citizens. 

While inviting the citizens to access documents and services, Klaipeda City Municipality Immanuel Kant Public Library says: "The library is your place to update the knowledge."

A wide range of cultural, educational events and reading incentive programs are organized for different user groups in order to activate the usage of information resources. Not only traditional, but also electronic services are created. The library website is constantly updated and renewed with a particular attention to information of Klaipeda city by complementing Klaipeda region art galleries and dedicating separate website sections to children and elderly people. The library focuses on the education of users and the improvement of informational skills by teaching the elderly computer literacy and the youth high quality information retrieval. The initiatives and qualifications gained during the implementation of the project "Libraries for Innovation" were a very important motive for creative work. Many library branches, especially those which are active in the southern part of the city, can not boast of great public spaces, adapted to the social communication and event organization for the community. The art department and the Giruliai branch are best adjusted to aforementioned activities making their cultural and educational activity the most evident in the context of urban culture.


24 thousand of local people visit the library 489 thousand times a year; they are issued within 728 thousand of documents. Public Library and its 13 branches have accumulated a fund of 350 thousand documents, created 114 work places in public internet and organized over 140 events. The fund of books, periodicals, audio-visual documents, CDs and other publications is renewed and updated annually purchasing 18 thousand copies of new documents. In the city the library is widely rumoured as an information literacy training centre.

The library is a member of the Lithuanian Integral Libraries Information System (LIBIS). Since 1998, document gathering, cataloguing, processing and accounting processes have been carried out with LIBIS program. Since September 2004, a readers’ subsystem of LIBIS has been introduced. There is a computer catalogue where readers, even if they are not in the library, may find necessary publications, find out the branch having particular publications and order them. Users themselves can manage documents’ return deadline.

Library staff consists of 75 library workers where 55 of them are professional librarians